Ola Salo releases new song “I call your name”

Former The Ark frontman Ola Salo is one of Sweden’s most celebrated and well known musicians. He released his solo debut album in 2015, and now he’s back with his new single “I Call Your Name”.

I Call Your Name

Ola Salo describes the song as a sort of religious hymn about unction and human love. Furthermore, there are traces of religious symbolism, something “I Call Your Name” has in common with his past music.
The song can be described as a funky, upbeat electro song with tons of bass – you’d probably be better off listening to it yourself to make a judgement!

Ola Salo’s career

Most Eurovision fans will remember Ola Salo as the lead singer of The Ark, who represented Sweden in 2007. Their song “The Worrying Kind” won Melodifestivalen convincingly but had a harder time impressing the international audience. At the grand final, the band ended up in a disappointing 18th place, scoring only 51 points.
Since then he’s been in musicals, popular tv show “Så mycket bättre”, and he was also a coach on the inaugural edition of The Voice Sweden.
How do you like “I Call Your Name”? Do you prefer Ola Salo’s solo music or The Ark? Let us know in the comment sections below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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