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Battle of the Stars; Didrik Solli-Tangen is in the top 3!

During last night’s “Battle of the Stars” we heard the remaining four artists sing reggae and musical theater. Didrik Solli-Tangen is the only Eurovision/MGP artist, out of the original seven,still in the running, and last night he did an amazing job. He especially dominated the musical theater category, where he treated us to his version of “Anthem” from Chess.

Didrik Solli-Tangen; now also a reggae star

Reggae, which is way outside Didrik’s comfort zone, might be the most challenging genre for him so far. He decided to do the song “Engel” (Angel) by the Norwegian reggae artist Admiral P. The original is a duet between Admiral P and Nico D, the latter being one of the judges last night. In an interview with NRK ahead of the performance Didrik said;

“People might not think it’s a difficult song to sing, but I’m doing the job of two voices. It’s not easy, but I’ll just have to try to enjoy it and show happiness and love, which is what the song is all about.”

After the performance, Nico D commented;

“I got so entusiastic; to the point where my in-ear almost fell out. Is this where I say that I couldn’t have done this song better myself? We could really see that you were having enjoying yourself, and it was contagious.”

Image; Julia Marie Naglestad, NRK

Musical theater; Didrik’s home ground

Being classically trained, musical theater is right down Didrik’s alley. He chose to sing “Anthem” from Chess, made immortal by another former Eurovision participant, Tommy Körberg. It’s no easy job, trying to fill Tommy’s shoes, but Didrik made a rather wonderful attempt. The judges were massively impressed, saying, among other things;

“You don’t need a microphone, you don’t need anything. What you just did was fill the entire room on your own; not many people would be able to do that. There was a dynamic to you performance that is just wonderful to watch, and even more; to listen to.” Tom Sterri, musical theater producer
“Having that power and greatness you have in the way you sing and in your voice. There’s no point in adding anything to what Tom said, this was perfection. And I love having seen you do hip hop and boyband and blues. It’s just such a beautiful package. I love you, Didrik!” Mona B. Riise, music journalist and tv host

Next week it’s time for the semi-final, and the three remaining contestants will compete in disco and joik.  Will we see another former Eurovision participant win the hunt for Norway’s next ultimate entertainer? As we remember, both Maria Haukaas and Knut Anders Sørum has won previous editions of the competition. Didrik Solli-Tangen now has a 33.3333 (and so on…) chance of becoming the third Eurovision entrant to take this title. 

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