Boris René pleads to “never forget who you are” in new charity single

After two successful participations in Melodifestivalen, Boris René releases charity single “Glöm aldrig bort vem du är”. The song is the official song for his 2017 tour “Möjligheter Tour”.

Never forget who you are

The song title, “Glöm aldrig bort vem du är”, translates to “Never forget who you are” and the lyrics are just as inspirational. Boris René sings about doubting whether you’re capable of dealing with any kind of situation and hardship that is thrown your way. In the chorus, he points out that there are many traps in the world and that you should never forget who you are no matter what life has in store.
Unlike his two Melodifestivalen entries, “Put your love on me” and “Her kiss”, the song is sung in Swedish. It’s a mid-tempo track with tropical influences, which is also a change of pace from the aforementioned entries.

Boris René’s Möjligheter Tour

Boris René has been on the road alongside motivational speaker Aron Anderson since May. While Aron talks about creating goals and finding your inner motivation and drive, Boris provides the crowds with musical entertainment.
How do you like “Glöm aldrig bort vem du är”? Do you prefer it to Boris’ Melodifestivalen entries? Let us know in the comments or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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