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OGAE Italy: San Marino will confirm 2018 participation with “revolutionary” Eurovision project

Earlier today, SMRTV confirmed that they will be holding a press conference on Tuesday to announce whether San Marino will be participating in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. While no official confirmation has been announced, OGAE Italy has published a report this evening stating that San Marino will be taking part in Lisbon next year!

“Revolutionary and never seen before”

According to OGAE Italy, SMRTV will also announce their brand new project for Eurovision 2018. This project will be “revolutionary and never seen before”. In addition, the report suggests that SMRTV will discuss the importance of San Marino attending the biggest song contest in the world as well as the future of small nations in the competition. Finally, it is possible that there may be a clue as to who will represent the nation in Lisbon.

Official confirmation to come on Tuesday

We will find out for sure when SMRTV host their press conference on October 17th at 4pm. The president and director general of SMRTV, as well as the Sammarinese head of delegation, will both be present at the conference being held in the Italian capital city of Rome.
Do you think San Marino will be heading to Lisbon next year? Furthermore, what do you think SMRTV’s reported “revolutionary” project could consist of? Let us know in the comments below!

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