An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 15th

Yesterday five Eurovision stars celebrated their birthday. However, today there are three female Eurovision singers that have a birthday. Two of them represented Belgium and one of them brought the victory back! The third birthday girl is from Norway.  She entered three times with rather bad results, in fact the only singer that has ever been in last place two times. Sandra Kim, Ingeborg and Anne-Katrine have a birthday today!

Anne-Karine Strøm, 66

Anne took part in Melodi Grand Prix six times in a row and actually won it three times! In 1973 was the 3rd time she took part in the Norwegian selection. That year she won it with the band “Benedik singers” thus competing in Luxembourg city. Their song is called “It’s Just a Game” and ended in 7th place out of 17 acts.
As mention earlier she took part two more time, then as a solo artist. The second time In 1974 in England with the song “The First Day of Love“. The last time she took part was in Netherlands in 1976 with the song “Mata Hari“. Despite much interest on Strøm’s behalf both of these songs ended in last place at the finals.

Ingeborg, 51

Belgium selected Ingeborg’s song “Door de wind” (“Through the Wind”) to represent it in Switzerland, 1989. However the song had a difficulty to reach through the jury and gained 19th place out of 22 songs.

Sandra Kim, 45

The youngest Eurovision birthday star of the day is no other than the Belgian winner Sandra Kim. She is known for being the youngest winner of Eurovision, that is was 13 years old at that time. She took part in contest in 1986 with the song “‘J’aime la vie” in Bergen, Norway.

We all at escXtra would like to wish the three of them a wonderful birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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