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Another member of Serebro quits

Members of Girl Groups come and go and Serebro is no exception from this. It has been confirmed that Polina Favorskaya (member from 2014-2017) has left the group.

A history of changes.

The original line up of Serebro consisted of:

  • Marina Lizorkina
  • Elena Temnikova
  • Olga Seryabkina

The original line-up of Serebro are the ones that competed in Eurovision in 2007 in Helsinki.
However, the original line up of the girl group only lasted for two years. Marina Lizorkina left the group in 2009 due to personal and financial reasons. She was replaced by Anastasia Karpova.
However, Anastasia’s stint did not last as she left in 2013 in order to pursue a solo career. She was replaced by Dasha Shashina.
A year later, Elena also confirmed her exit from the group due to her pregnancy which resulted in Anastasia briefly returning to the group until Polina Favorskaya was added to the group.
In 2016, Dasha Shashina has announced her exit from the group due to health reasons. She had to go through two serious surgeries at once.

A search for a third member underway

In an Instagram Post, the girl group has mentioned that they are saddened by Polina’s departure but they have accepted her decision.
The girl group asked anyone who is interested in becoming the third member of Serebro to upload a one minute clip of them singing with the hashtag #SEREBROBQCASTING.
Anyone who has uploaded a clip is now being assessed to see who will become the new third member.

Serebro at Eurovision

Serebro represented Russia back in 2007 with their entry Song #1. The lineup consisted of original members Marina, Elena, and Olga.

After giving a memorable performance in Helsinki, the girl group managed to achieve a respectable Third Place with 207 Points. Indeed, their participation in Eurovision catapulted the girl group into international success and resulted in Serebro taking on a promotional tour.
Do you think Polina made the right decision to leave Serebro? Furthermore, are you looking forward to finding out who will be the new third member of Serebro? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA.

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