Jan Lagermand Lundme elected to the Reference Group

DR has confirmed on their website that Jan Lagermand Lundme has been elected to the Reference Group.

“I almost fell down from the chair of excitement and awe”

He was excited and happy when he received the phone call from the EBU’s Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand.
Jan mentioned that is is an offer to not think about and obviously accepted the role.

Eurovision must be kept out of politics

Whilst talking with DR Jan also mentioned about the importance of keeping politics away from the competition in which he said:

“What matters to me as a member of the reference group is to keep Eurovision as free from politics as possible. 

What Eurovision can and must, is to provide a common experience for Europeans. It was precisely the community that was the starting point when you set up Eurovision after World War II, and it will still be. 

Then all possible realities can be found in the way, and they must be handled in the best way.”

What is the responsibility of the Reference Group?

In their website, Eurovision explained what is the role of the Reference Group:

The main tasks of the Reference Group include approving format developments, securing financing, modernizing the brand, raising awareness and overseeing the yearly preparation by the Host Broadcaster. The group also recommends or decides upon sanctions following regulatory breaches.

The Reference Group is composed of a Chairman, three members elected by the Heads of Delegation, the Executive Producers from the previous two Host Broadcasters, as well as the Executive Producer of the current Host Broadcaster. The EBU’s Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor is also a member of the Reference Group, bringing the total number of members to eight.

The Reference Group was established by the European Broadcasting Union’s Television Committee in 1998. The Group meets approximately five to six times per year.

What do you think of Jan’s election to the Reference Group?. Do you think the right person was elected? Let us know your opinions and below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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