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San Marino reveals revolutionary plans for Eurovision 2018

San Marino reveals revolutionary plans regarding the quest for their 2018 Eurvision representative. The mountainous microstate turns to the INTERNET and hopes to find the perfect candidate for Lisbon.
It’s only convenient for the country that had an entry titled “Social Network song” to turn to the internet for help.

San Marino’s Revolution  – Any country. Any genre. Any age

In an interesting twist of events, San Marino decides partake in the upcoming contest and gets creative with their selection. Talent from all over the world can apply for the chance to represent the beautiful microstate in the contest.
In addition to that, San Marino RTV and 1 in 360 will announce a shortlist of ten candidates in December 2017.
You can read the full set of rules here, and watch a short video explaining the process here:

San Marino at Eurovision

San Marino has managed to qualify for the Eurovision final on one occasion thus far. This was achieved in 2014 when Valentina Monetta represented her nation for the third time with Maybe (Forse). She went on to finish in 25th place in Copenhagen. We hope that SMRTV will choose wisely so they can make it two!
⇒What our team had to say about San Marino’s 2017 entry “Spirit of the Nighthere
In any event,
What do you think of SMRTV’s fresh approach of selecting their 2018 Eurovision representative? What kind of a song would you like them to send? What’s your favorite entry from the microstate in the contest so far?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media at @ESCXTRA.

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