WATCH: Elhaida Dani makes a comeback with “Më Mbaj”

The winner of the first season of The Voice Italy and Albania’s 2015 Eurovision representative – Elhaida Dani stages a comeback with the release of her latest single titled “Më Mbaj”.

In addition to Elhaida Dani’s return to the Balkan music scene, she surprises fans by shaking up things and moving her career on a slightly different path.

Më Mbaj – Keep Me

The music video for “Më Mbaj” manages to perfectly capture the breezy quality of the song. Elhaida appears in multiple scenarios throughout the visual story of the video.
Contrasting the serene and slow motion scenes, we see some quick shots of Elhaida walking around town – presented as flashbacks.
Furthermore, the talent of the beautiful Elhaida doesn’t stop here. She is behind the lyrics and the music of “Më Mbaj”. Which makes her comeback even more meaningful and personal.

Elhaida Dani at Eurovision

Elhaida started off her Eurovision journey by winning the 53rd edition of Albania’s most renowned festival – Festivali i Këngës. Her emotional performance of Diell managed to win over the hearts of the all the jury members and get her the ticket to Vienna.
However, due to a dramatic turn of events Elhaida had to come up with a completely new song. This resulted with “Diell” being replaced with I’m Alive.
Despite managing to take Albania back into the final evening of the contest, Elhaida only managed to score 34 points and finish 17th overall.
You can check out our interview with Elhaida at the 2015 London Eurovision Party here, and watch her perform the piano version of “I’m Alive” here:

What do you think of Elhaida’s latest single “Më Mbaj”? Are you happy to see her return on the music scene? Do you prefer it to her previous work? Would you like to see Elhaida give Eurovision another try?
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