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Latvia’s Supernova 2018 has already started… and YOU can vote!

In a suprise move, LTV has announced today that the pre-selection process for Supernova 2018 will partly be public ! Anyone can help choose the songs that will eventually participate in Supernova 2018 next year.

63 songs in the pre-selection

LTV, Latvia’s broadcaster for the Eurovision Song Contest, received submissions between September 6th and October 15th, last sunday. Overall, 93 songs have been submitted for Supernova, but only 63 respected the rules and the legal requirements for participating. One of those was a rule stating that foreign composers or writers could not have more than 30% of the copyright of a song.
Among the 63 songs, 55 are fully in English. Five songs are in Latvian, one is bilingual (Latvian-English), one is in Livonian and one is in Catalan.

The first public voting of the year !

Today, on October 18th, LTV opened the online voting for this first phase, the pre-selection. Anyone with an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Draugviem (a Latvian social network) can vote. Once connected through the specific links (provided at the end of the article), you will have to listen to each song and vote with “Like” or “Don’t like”. LTV asks you to vote “Like” for something you want to see in Supernova 2018, and “Don’t Like” otherwise. Only the titles of the songs are available, and no other details (singer, songwriter…etc.).

Only a consultation

The online voting will be open until October 29th, 22:59 CEST (that is 23:59 in Latvia). Then, on November 5th, a jury panel will select a number of songs for the actual shows, Supernova 2018, that will take place in 2018. The online voting will be taken into account, but informally. It means, in a more “legal” vocabulary, that the voting is non-binding : it’s only a consultation, to help the jury members choose.

Where to vote

Now, while being connected with your corresponding account, you can vote with these links :

You will need to sign-up, normally just confirming the identity of your account. None of the informations will be published by LTV.
Be aware : if you want to listen to all the 63 songs in a row, it could take more than three hours. But don’t worry : it is possible to close the website and come back later to continue the voting, as long as you’re still connected with the same social media account.
In any event, what do you think of this initiative ? Will you vote for the pre-selection ? If you’ve listened to the songs, what do you think of those propositions ? Tell us on the comments below or on social media at @escxtra !

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