An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 19th

Three Eurovision stars had a birthday yesterday and all had an over the top dance routines on the stage. However today´s birthday boy had much slower song and it was a lot more calmer on stage. Even though it was a whole band. The birthday was a part of the band Kaffe, his name is Veselin Veselinov-Eko.

Veselin Veselinov-Eko, 54

Veselin took part in Eurovision with the Bulgarian jazz band “Kaffe”. The song “Lorraine” is written by Veselin and Orlin Pavlov the singer. They performed in Kiev in 2005, which means they were Bulgaria’s debut entry at Eurovision. However the failed to qualify to the final, because they ended up in 19th place.

We at escXtra would like to wish Veselin happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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