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Grigol Kipshidze to sing “Voice of the Heart” for the host country!

After revealing their entrant about a month ago, the host country of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has just unveiled their song! 

It’s the … voice of the heart!

Grigol Kipshidze was selected last month by five-person professional jury. The young singer will be the first to represent Georgia on home soil! However, this won’t be his first time performing on a stage; he has already competed in several music competitions, including The X Factor Georgia this year.
The song that Grigol will be performing was selected internally by the Georgian broadcaster. It is called “Voice of the Heart” and is performed in both Georgian and English. Listen to the song below!

Can Georgia make it to four victories?

Undoubtly, Georgia is one of the most successful countries in the Junior Eurovision having a total of three victories and another four top 5 results; furthermore, 2014 was their only entry to fail to enter the top 10. Despite winning three times, this will be their first time hosting the competition!
What do you think of Grigol’s “Voice of Heart”? Do you like the song and the music video? Do you think Grigol will bring Georgia its ultimate fourth victory?

Dimitris Ioannou

I'm Dimitris, from Cyprus. Eurovision has been a big part of my life for so long now. My first memories of the contest go back to 2005, which was a special year as Greece had won with Helena Paparizou. But 2009 was truly the first year I became a die-hard Eurofan, which is why that year holds a special place in my heart.

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