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Didrik qualifies for the final of Battle of the Stars!

In last night’s semi-final, the three remaining contestants competed in disco and joik. Didrik Solli-Tangen performed Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” as his disco number, receiving stellar reviews from the judges. For his joik, he decided to tie it to Eurovision, by performing Jon Henrik Fjällgren’s “Daniels joik”. 

Didrik made the audience disco!

The night started off with disco. Despite his own somewhat awkward dance moves, Didrik managed to make the audience get to their feet to join in. Even the judges were “dancing” on the edge of their seats.

Joik for the first time in BotS

Joik, the traditional form of song of the Sami people, was the second of this week’s genres. This is the first time joik is one of the genres in the history of Battle of the Stars. Didrik’s version of Jon Henrik Fjällgren’s “Daniel’s joik” impressed both the judges, the audience and the tv veiwers. Indeed, judge Mona B. Riise was moved to tears by his performance. The joik expert judge, Johan Andres Bær, said;

Technically this is where joik is supposed to be. Hearing Didrik perform joik was fantastic, and what Jon Henrik has done and what Didrik does is very close. It’s nice to hear that you’ve managed to bring your joik voice out.


“My Heart is Yours” in the final

In the final, which takes place next Saturday, the finalists will perform three songs each. That is to say; one from earlier in the contest, one original and one judges’ choice. Didrik and Adam have already revealed which songs they will perform in the final. Didrik will repeat his opera number, and the judges have decided they want him to sing aha’s “The Sun Always Shines On TV”. In addition, from his own catalogue he will perform his Eurovision entry, “My Heart is Yours“.
The battle started off with nine contestants. In less than a week we will know if yet another member of the Eurovision family has won “Battle of the Stars”, thus being named Norway’s Ultimate Entertainer 2017. 

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