Weekly playlist: EUROVISION 2017 B-SIDES

ESCXTRA will be curating Spotify playlists for our readers. Check back every Sunday for new playlists featuring past Eurovision entries and other music from former Eurovision participants. This week’s playlist is “Eurovision 2017 B-Sides”.

Eurovision 2017 B-Sides

In a parallel universe; Salvador Sobral performed a jazz song in English, Svala in Icelandic, Blanche an intimate piano version of “City Lights”, and NAVIBAND a darker song.
Eurovision participants are usually young artists who are just breaking into the European market, others are stars in their home country, and some of them are just starting their careers, sometimes they’ve only recorded one song. Either way, it is important to explore their discography beyond their Eurovision entries.
The following is a compilation of remixes, other versions, and completely different songs from some of the participants at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

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