An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 22nd

Only one Eurostar was born on October 21st, and therefore we celebrated Artsvik’s birthday yesterday, as she turned 33. Today, however, there are a total of six Eurovison birthdays to celebrate! Four birthday girls, two boys. No winners this time, but a few top 10 results. The oldest was born in the early 60s, the youngest in the late 80s. The most recent participant is a two time prepresentative from Lithuania; we give you Donny Montell! 

Benedicte Adrian, 54

Benedicte Adrian represented Norway at the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest. She did so as half of the duo Dollie De Luxe, alongside Ingrid Bjørnov. They finished 17th out of 19 participants with their song “Lenge leve livet”. Some people might remember them for their rather creative choreography; they looked like they were skiing. In addition, their hair-dos also made an impression on many viewers across Europe.

Lotte Feder, 52

Lotte Feder represented Denmark at the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. She did so alongside Kenny Lübcke. They finished in 12th place with their song “Alt Det Som Ingen Ser”. 1992 was not the first time Lotte tried to represent Denmark at Eurovision. She took part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix four times in the 80s. Her first attempt was in 1983 with “Gi’r du et knus”, when she finished second. After that followed “Á la carte” in 1984, “Tid til lidt kærlighed” in 1988 and “Du og jeg” in 1989.

Rita Guerra, 50

Rita Guerra represented Portugal at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Riga. She finished 22 out of 26 participating countries with her song “”Deixa-me sonhar”. Before this, she attempted to go to Eurovision in 1992. Back then she took part in Festival da Canção, finishing second with “Meu amor inventado em mim“.

Hadise, 32

Hadise represented Turkey at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. She finished fourth in the final with her very catchy “Düm Tek Tek”.

Donny Montell, 30

Donny Montell represented Lithuania at both the 2012 and 2016 Eurovisions. In the 2012 edition in Baku he finished in 14th place with “Love is Blind”. In 2016, however, he managed to finish top 10 with “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night”. He also took part in the Lithuanian preselections another five times. In 2009 he had two entries in the national final; he finished second with “I Remember Last Time (From The Distance)”, whereas his duet with Rosita Čivilytė, “Dainų daina”ended up outside the top 10. Two years later he was back with another two entries in the final, one solo effort and one duet. He finished 5th with “Let Me”, while the duet with Sasha Son, “Best Friends” ended up in 10th place.

Niki Francesca, 28

Niki Francesca represented Andorra at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. He was the lead singer of the band Anonymous who performed “Salvem el mon”. They almost managed to qualify for the grand final, as they finished 12th in the semi.

All of us here at escXtra send our best wishes to today’s Eurovision birthday boys and girls! 

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