An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 23rd!

Quite the few Eurovision singers had a birthday yesterday. However today on October 23rd there are two Eurovision birthday fellows. They were born only with two years apart,  but one performed in 2011 and the other in 2015. It interesting to see the difference in their song and style. That is one is about to saving the planet but the other needs “the Police” on the stage. Paradise Oskar and Eduard Romanyuta have a birthday today.


Paradise Oskar, 27

Axel Enström, that is Oskar’s real name, won the Finish national selection in 2011. Therefore he got to perform in Germany the same year. He song and wrote the song “Da Da Dam” and became 3rd in his semifinal thus advancing to the final. However his entry did not continue that success for he ended up in 21st place at the final.  Despite that he manged to impress the accredited media and press. That is Oskar won the Marcel Bezençon Press Award

Eduard Romanyuta, 25

Eduard is a Ukrainian singer. After trying three times at the Ukraine’s national selection. If he had succeeded the first time he would have sung in the same year as Paradise Oscar. But his shot at Eurovision came in 2015, when Moldova picked him as a winner in their national selection. “I Want Your Love” was song on stage at the first semi-final in Vienna. With light dressed dancers in police costumes. The act was one place away from qualifying to the final, that is he was in 11th place.

We here at escXtra would like to wish Axel and Eduardo and  wonderful birthday!

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