An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 24th!

Yesterday on 23 of October two Eurovision guys born in the 1990s had a birthday. Today two more Eurovision singers celebrate their birthday in October. The chic is born in the 1940’s and the guy in 1960’s. Their entries were 30 years apart in Eurovision. Dominique and Serhat have a birthday today.


Dominique Paulain,  68

France picked the girl group Cocktail Chic to perform on their behalf in 1986. Dominiquie was one of them. They sang the song “Européennes” in Bergen, Norway. Even though the other three song, that were song in french, did really good that year the fate of this entry was French worst placement in 30 years. Because the song ended  in 17th place out of 20 entries.

Serhat, 53

San Marino picked the Turkish singer Serhat to perform for the country in 2016. Where he performed “I Didn’t Know” on stage in Stockholm in a purple suit. However, like the Cocktail Chic, the song didn’t do that well since was not able to reach to the final.

We here at escXtra would like to wish them the very best on their birthday’s.

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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