An Xtra Happy Birthday; October 26th!

Yesterday on the 25th of October, three Eurovision singers had a birthday. However there are two Eurovision guys which have a birthday today. They have that in common that they both performed at s stage in Vienna. However they did not get similar results. One of them was the debut act for his country and did well.  Emil Vissing and Guy Sebastian have a birthday today.


Guy Sebastian, 36

Australia´s huge interest in Eurovision finally paid off, they were allowed to enter the for the first time in 2015. Australia picked Guy Sebastian, a famous Australian singer, to represent them. He sang “Tonight again”  with great success, that is he came in 5th at the final.


Emil Vissing, 27

Denmark selected the band Anti Social Media to take part in Eurovision in 2015. Emil Vissing is the drummer of the band.  They only performed their song “The Way You Are” at the semi final one because they unfortunately failed to advance to the final.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish the two of them a wonderful happy birthday!

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