Amir releases his new album: Addictions

Today, Amir, who represented France at Eurovision in 2016, releases his third album, Addictions. You can now listen to all 18 songs online, or buy the disc.
After many weeks of teasing and promotion, and with 5 songs already out including a videoclip and a collaboration with OneRepublic, Amir finally releases his latest album. Addictions is his third one, after Au Coeur de Moi (in 2016) and Vayehi (in 2011, an album in Hebrew, only available online).

The 18 songs of Addictions

This is the list of the 18 songs in the album, with the translation of their titles in english:

  1. Que seront les hommes ? (What will men be?)
  2. États d’Amour (Mislovings/States of Love)
  3. Tout passe (Everything passes)
  4. Les rues de ma peine (The streets of my sorrow)
  5. Il était une femme (Once upon a woman)
  6. Le coeur dans les cordes (The heart sent packing)
  7. Sors de ma tête (Get out of my head)
  8. L’amourant (The loving man)
  9. Opium
  10. Que le temps s’arrête (May the time stop)
  11. Idéal idylle (feat. Lital) (Ideal idyll)
  12. Laisse la vie faire (Let life do)
  13. No Vacancy (feat. Amir) by OneRepublic
  14. La nuit (The Night)
  15. Anja
  16. Et toi (Bonus Track) (And you)
  17. L’impasse (Bonus Track) (The impasse)
  18. Boréale aurore (Bonus Track) (Light Northern)

Buyers of the Special Collector Edition of the album have also been able to download an exclusive new song, Qu’est-ce qu’on gardera ? (What will we keep?).

Addictions Collector Edition
As some people may have noticed, there is no song entitled Addictions in the album, so why giving it this title?

“I chose this title because I couldn’t find another name for what always drives me entirely on my projects.”

Going a step further

With this new album, Amir doesn’t loose his own style, but that doesn’t stop him from exploring new horizons. While Au Coeur de Moi was technically Amir’s second album, the characteristics of the first one,Vayehi (entirely in Hebrew and only online) made Au Coeur de Moi his actual first album for the French public. That means Addictions is his second album, a difficult step for most artists. In an interview to 20 Minutes, Amir explained that Au Coeur de Moi was a way to introduce himself. He described it himself as a “visiting card”. With the success of the album (more than 300.000 discs were sold), he now feels confident to go “a step further”.
Those new horizons can be found in the music as well as the lyrics. Different musical styles are present in the album, from pop to acoustic ballads (Anja), as well as electro. There is also a definite African touch to some songs, like Sors de ma tête and the collector exclusive download Qu’est-ce qu’on gardera ?

“When I write a song, I take into account the fact that it will be listened to by a 6-year-old as well as a 66-year-old.”

The diversity is also present in the themes of the songs. Au coeur de moi was mainly about love songs and about himself, and this dimension has not disappeared. Yet, other topics are present. Que seront les hommes, for exemple, was written after the terrorist attack in Nice, on Bastille Day (July 14th). It is a humanist call for love between all men and women, asking “What will men be / without the love life gives them?”.

“I tackle societal subjects, issues our world has to put up with, modernity, all with a part of optimism inherent in my personality.”

A couple or a duet ?

Amir and his team, which includes Nazim Khaled (writer and composer of the French entries for Eurovision in 2016 an 2017) started to work on the album as early as two weeks after the release of Au Coeur de Moi. The first song they wrote was Idéale Idylle, which they planned as the “male/female duet”. Amir asked his wife Lital to sing the female part to test the “viability” of the duet, because the team thought about making it a solo song after all. Not only did the test convince everyone that the duet format was right, it also convinced Amir that his wife should sing with him.
And now, you can enjoy Amir’s Addictions!

What do you think? Do you like this new album? What is your favorite song? Tell us on the comments below or on social medias @escxtra !

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