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Elena Foureira snubbed by ERT as they approach small labels

Elena Foureira is one of the biggest stars in Greece at the moment. Every year there are many rumors and fans hoping for her to fly the Greek flag at Eurovision. Based on one of her latest interviews, she won’t represent Greece anytime soon.

“Eurovision is a painful story”

When she spoke to a local television channel she said, that she can’t understand the people at ERT and why they haven’t selected her for Eurovision. She tries to take it positively as “everything happens for a reason […] and everything is fine”. Moreover, she wishes whoever goes to Lisbon for Greece the best of luck! You can watch the full interview here on YouTube.
Elena Foureira always showed her passion for Eurovision and her will to take her performance to the big stage. Back in 2010 she first entered the Greek national final, when she was the guest vocalist on Manos Pyrovolakis’s entry “Kivotos tou Noe”. It was a close race back in 2010 and she finished in second place.
She even had a big hit with her cover of “Golden Boy” the Israeli entry from 2015 and sang “Wild Dances” as a duet with Ruslana herself.
So it’s no surprise, that she is always someone who is part of the rumors when the topic is about Greece.
Back in 2016, she was rejected by ERT because they were looking for something different. In the end, Argo failed to qualify and Greece wasn’t part of the final for the very first time.
We don’t have any pieces of information regarding her plans for the future, but we can be more than excited to find out, who will represent Greece next year in Lisbon. The deadline to submit an entry was October, 27th.
Would you like to see Elena Foureira in the contest in the future? Or who do you hope, will represent Greece next year? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

Listen to Elena Foureira’s rejected entry from 2016 below:

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