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RTVE forced to reveal ESC 2015 spending

After almost two years in court, RTVE had to reveal, that the participation in the 2015 contest needed almost 400.000€. 286,873€ paid the Spanish channel as a participation fee to the EBU. Back in 2015 Edurne represented Spain with “Amanecer” and finished in 21st place out of 27 countries in the final.
The process began in 2015 when a citizen asked RTVE for information about the total costs for the Spanish Eurovision entry. After not answering, the process was going on and took almost two years till now, when the court ordered the Spanish channel to publish the costs of the participation.

Looking at recent years what RTVE spent on Eurovision participation:

2009 – 338,960€
2010 – 383,384€
2011 – 419,829€
2012 – 427,613€
2013 – 398,615€
2014 – 386,994€
2015 – 396,918€
About this year’s participation, when Manel took the stage for Spain with the song “Do It For Your Lover”, RTVE has only advanced the cost of lodging the singer and the RTVE team during the ten days of stay in Kiev: 43,350€.
As 2015 wasn’t much different than the other years, it’s still a bit odd, why it took so long for the Spanish channel to reveal the total costs. During the contest, it was rumored, that the dress of Edurne alone was over a million Euros.
What do you think of the whole situation? Do you think the costs were worth it and what do you think took RTVE so long? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

To refresh your memory, here is Edurne’s powerful performance of “Amanecer”:

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