Daniel Oliver wants us to stay with him

Daniel Oliver, Söngvakeppnin 2015 finalist, has released a new song today; Vertu hjá mér (Stay With Me). This song is his birthday present to us…and to himself, as he celebrates his birthday today! It has been five years since he last released music of his own, so this is long overdue! 

Daniel Oliver in Söngvakeppnin

The Euroverse was introduced to Daniel Oliver two years ago, when he participated in the Icelandic preselection, Söngvakeppnin. He did so as part of the group CADEM, alongside Caroline and Emelie, who are both from Sweden. They teamed up with former Icelandic Eurovision participant Einar Ágúst (Iceland 2000), which resulted in the song “Fyrir alla/Fly“. We did an interview with them back then, on the day of their Söngvakeppnin semi. They were one of seven acts to qualify for the final. There, however, they did not do as well as hoped, ending in sixth place.

Music and soup – perfect combo!

Since taking part in Söngvakeppnin, Daniel Oliver has kept working on his music. These days he’s studying music production in Stockholm. He is also working on more songs of his own. 20 November will be a big day for him; he will release another song AND take part in the the tv show “Halv 8 hos mig (My place at 7.30)”.
In addition to this, he is also co-owner of Súpufélagið/The Soup Company, a small family business in the town of Vik in Iceland. They serve the best soups south of the North pole…so now you know what and where to eat, should you ever travel to the south of Iceland!

Söngvakeppnin vs Melodifestivalen

There are a lot of people who would love to see Daniel Oliver make another attempt at getting to Eurovision. Being an Icelander living in Sweden, both Melodifestivalen and Söngvakeppnin would make sense. In a comment on his facebook page today, he teases a possible return to Söngvakeppnin;

 “I made a power ballad with couple of my friends… we may or may not have sent it in.. 

What do you think of “Vertu hjá mér”? And would you like to see Daniel Oliver on the Eurovision stage? 

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