LISTEN: Loreen releases Hate The Way I Love You

Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen has released her new single “Hate The Way I Love You”. The song is the second part of a trilogy of music videos which is due to be released in due course.

Heartbreak and Love

The track is about how Loreen wants to break off their relationship with someone but loves them so much that they could not leave. Hence the lyrics:

“What if I told you
I die a thousand times
Everytime you leave me here
I hold my breath through the night
You’re the reason I’m a mess
I gotta get you out
I hate the way I love you
But I love you”

Music Video coming soon

Loreen is already hard at work to produce the music video for “Hate The Way I Love You”. She has already posted teasers and behind the scene posts in all of her social media which you can see below:
Music Video Teaser
Behind the Scenes

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Loreen in Eurovision

Loreen started her Eurovision back in 2011, where she competed in Melodifestivalen in Sweden with her track ‘My Heart is Refusing Me‘. Despite giving an energetic performance she failed to qualify for the Grand Final and reached as far as Andra Chansen.
However, Loreen came back the year after with ‘Euphoria‘ in which she won in Baku and managed to break a record by being the participant with the most 12 Points ever received by a contestant.
5 Years after her win, Loreen tried for Eurovision again by competing in Melodifestivalen with her new track ‘Statements‘ despite being the favorite by betting odds and fans to win the contest she was shockingly eliminated in Andra Chansen.
What do you think of Loreen’s new single?. Is it what you are expecting from her?. Are you excited to hear Loreen’s new album? Let us know your opinions and thoughts below or at social media @ESCXTRA

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