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Diogo Piçarra ”might sing his own song” in Festival da Canção

In a revealing interview about his music career with Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias, Diogo Piçarra spoke about his upcoming Festival da Canção. The super star has been invited as one of the composers for the 2018 Portuguese national final.

Finding a singer

Festival da Canção 2018 is following the same structure as in previous years. Composers have been invited to write a song for the show. They will also need to find a singer or band to perform their song. Like last year, when Luisa Sobral asked her brother Salvador to sing Amar Pelos Dois.
The composers are also free to perform the song themselves, like Celina da Piedade did for the 2017 edition. In the interview with Diário de Notícias, Piçarra spoke about his search for a singer.
He says he’s currently working on finding a singer, but ends that sentence with a very remarkable comment: He might even sing the song himself. A hope for many Portuguese fans, it seems. If this were to actually come true, Piçarra is potentially the biggest star in the 2018 line-up for Festival da Canção.

Who is Diogo Piçarra?

Diogo Piçarra won the 2012 edition of Idol in Portugal. He tried to start his career by singing mostly in English, but his career really kicked off when he started using his native language of Portuguese.
Both of his albums Espelho and do=s reached the top spot in the Portuguese charts. The videos for his singles Tu E Eu and Dialeto have both reached well over ten million views on YouTube. It’s safe to say that Diogo is a very successful singer in his home of Portugal.
During and after the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Piçarra showed a lot of support for Salvador Sobral and his song. At 27 years old, he’s at the prime of his career now. With the contest travellign to Portugal, it might not even be weird for Piçarra to consider attempting to fly his own flag in Lisbon.
Would Diogo Piçarra make a smart decision if he sang his own song? Or should he rather find someone else? How much success could he actually bring Portugal? Let us know!

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