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FYR Macedonia: The Journalists Association urges for MRTV’s debt to be paid off

Macedonia’s Journalists Association – ZNM urges for MRTV’s debt to be paid off immediately. Claiming that EBU’s sanctions could affect the country both culturally and politically.
Being a permanent member of the International Federation of Journalists, ZNM is a politically independent association that plays a key role in promoting freedom of speech in the country.

Thoughts on EBU’s sanctions

EBU’s sanctions would create a total and utter chaos and greatly affect the image of the  country. The sanctions include MRTV not being able to broadcast any content from other EBU members.
ZNM also had something to say regarding the way MRTV was being financed in the past. Their claims suggest that the accumulated debt of 500.000 euro is a consequence of bad management and urges the authorities to find a solution as soon as possible.
However, the association remains hopeful that MRTV will effectively work on resolving the issue.
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Macedonia at Eurovision

The small Balkan country started it’s Eurovision journey in the distant 1998 with Vlado Janveski’s “Ne Zori, Zoro”, finishing 19th with 16 points. Some of the more significant entries include “Life” by the late Tose Proeski, Elena’s “Ninanajna” and Kaliopi’s “Crno i Belo“.
This year, Jana Burceska failed to reach the final with her “Dance Alone”. Jana finished 15th out of 18 competing songs in the second Semi-Final.

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Could ZNM’s comments somehow resonate with the authorities? Will MRTV somehow manage to pull through and pay off its debt on time? Would you like to see them in Lisbon next year? What’s your favorite Macedonian entry at Eurovision so far?

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