New song by Sergey Lazarev out now

The Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016) machine is up and rolling once again. After a success of his latest music video for Tak krasivo (So Beautiful), he’s now back with a new single taken from his upcoming Russian-language album. The song is called “Vdrebezgi” (To Pieces) and the album is due for release on 8 December.ย 

To pieces…

The song, a Bond-theme inspired tune (with a vibe similar to Adele’s smash hit “Skyfall”) was written by a musician Aleksander Penkin. Penkin also wrote Sergey’s previous hits such as “Vesna” and “V samoe serdce” and this song was, according to Sergey, written 3 years ago, but he didn’t feel mature enough to release it – until now. The song is so far only out on digital outlets in Russia, but you can listen to the official audio on Youtube below.

Two new albums on the way

Prior to the release of his new single, Sergey has also informed on his Instagram page, that not one, but TWO new albums are on the way. One, in Russian language on 8 December and another one, in English in spring right in time for his new concert show “N-tour”. The name N is the first letter of the name of his 3 and a half-year old son Nikita. Among the composers on his album is Dimitris Kontopoulos, who also wrote his single “Breaking Away” and his Eurovision entry “You Are The Only One”, which makes one think whether Sergey is indeed eyeing a Eurovision-return. Especially as his English-language album is due in spring and Eurovision can serve as a big promotional tool.
What do you think of Sergey’s new song? Which song of his is your favourite? Do you think he’s coming back to Eurovision? Discuss in comments below or on our social on @ESCXTRA.ย 

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