Serhat and Weather Girl Martha Wash re-release ‘I Didn’t Know’

Serhat is back! The 2016 Sammarinese Eurovision entrant has re-released his I Didn’t Know. And he isn’t alone… This time, he’s teamed up with former Weather Girl Martha Wash!

I Didn’t Know – again?

Martha Wash, famous for her Weather Girls single It’s Raining Men, adds a deep disco vocal to I Didn’t Know. With the new version of Serhat’s Eurovision song, Martha returns to the spotlights.
Of course, the disco version had to be used to the new release. But to be honest, what do we remember of the original version, besides the monocle? The disco version is what lives on in our memories. And it of course lived on the Eurovision stage, with a flying hat and all.

Serhat’s post-Eurovision career

Serhat sure cannot complain about his career after the Eurovision Song Contest. His performance will long be remembered and after Eurovision, more than one country remembered him. And that despite not even making the final during the 2016 Stockholm contest. His performance still gave San Marino a rather decent result, finishing twelfth with 68 points.
Especially in Germany, Serhat has made some interesting appearances. Not only did he appear on Carmen Nebel’s Saturday night show with his single Je M’Adore, he also made appearances on the ZDF Fernsehgarten, a Sunday morning show.
What do you all think of Serhat’s newest I Didn’t Know version? Would Martha Wash have made an impact on the Eurovision stage? Or was twelfth really the highest it could ever reach in the semifinal?
Make sure to let us know what you think on social media like Facebook, or below in a comment! And be sure to give I Didn’t Know another listen…

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