An Xtra Happy Birthday; November 4th!

Yesterday three Eurovision singers had a birthday, that includes two winners. Today like yesterday, a Swedish artist has a birthday today. She used her fluent French when she wrote the song. That makes the song be the only Swedish entry in  Eurovision that has big amount of French in it. Malena Ernman has a birthday today.

Malena Ernman, 47

Sara Magdalena Ernman, more known as Malena, won the Meldodifestevalen in 2009. Therefore she got to perform at Eurovision in Moscow, where she managed to advance to the final. Her song “La Voix” is mix of Opera and Pop. At the final  she got  33 points therefore getting the 21st place.

She had one more go at Meldoifestival in 2015, when she sang as a guest singer in the second chance entry of Behrang Miri.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish Malena a very happy birthday!

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