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Sanremo 2018: 69 newcomer hopefuls revealed

Sixty-eight artists, from all the regions of Italy, and the winner of the Castrocaro Festival 2017, Luigi Salvaggio, had been selected to audition for the 12 available spots for “Sarà Sanremo”. This audition will take place in Rome on November 6th. 

69 artists instead of 60

For the 68th Annual Sanremo Music Festival, artistic director, Claudio Baglioni, decided to audition sixty-nine artists, as oppose to sixty, like the rules of the festival stated. This decision was made due to the high number of submissions received and There are sixty-two solo artists and seven groups.
The musical commission will be headed by Baglioni himself alongside professional musicians Claudio Fasulo, Massimo Giuliano, Massimo Martelli, Duccio Forzano, and Geoff Westley.

Sarà Sanremo

At the end of the audition, twelve artists will be shortlisted to compete at “Sarà Sanremo”. This gala will be broadcast live on RAI 1 on December 15th. Then only six artists will be selected to compete in the “Nuova Proposta” of Sanremo 2018. These six artists will be joined by the 2 winners of “Area Sanremo”. The 68th edition

The 69 hopefuls

You can listen to all the participants here.

  • Alessia Gerardi
  • Alessio Gianetti
  • Andrea d’Alessio
  • Angela Nobile
  • Antonia Lagana
  • Aprile & Mangiaracina
  • Artu
  • Carlo Bolacchi
  • Carol Beria
  • Cladi
  • Cordio
  • Daniele Magro
  • Dari
  • Dave Monaco
  • Davide Mogavero
  • Davide Papasidero
  • Davide Petrella
  • Dile
  • Dinastia & Gli Ultimi
  • Emilia Zamuner
  • Emme
  • EVA
  • Forlenzo
  • Fratto
  • Gabrielle Deca
  • Giacomo Eva
  • Gionnyscandal
  • Hale
  • Hugolini
  • I Desideri
  • Iosonoaria
  • Jasmine Furlotti
  • Jose Nunes
  • Junior V
  • Kaligola
  • Karavans
  • Loomy
  • Loredana Daniele
  • Lorenzo Baglioni
  • Loris Iannamico
  • Luchi
  • Luigi Salvaggio
  • Maria Faiola
  • Mario D’Acunto
  • Mirkoeilcane
  • Mudimbi
  • Nameless
  • Nicola Bueti
  • Nicolas Bonazzi
  • Nicole Stella
  • Noemi Smorra
  • Nyvinne
  • Rachele di Vaia
  • Rudi Fiasco
  • Santiago
  • Silver
  • Silvia Oddi
  • Skuba Libre
  • Sofia Maraccini
  • Stephanya
  • Tom Armati
  • Tommaso di Giulio
  • Turkish Cafe
  • Ultimo
  • Veronica Marchi
  • Vittorio Sisto

Newcomers at Eurovision

The winner of the Sanremo Song Festival usually gets to represent Italy at Eurovision. However, there’s been instances where the winner of the Newcomers’ section competes at Eurovision. That was the case of Raphael Gualazzi during Italy’s comeback in 2011. And Francesco Gabbani, prior to winning Sanremo 2017, won the newcomers’ section with the song “Amen”.

Italy at Eurovision

Italy was one of the seven founding members of the Eurovision Song Contest. It has won the contest twice (1964 and 1990). Since its return in 2011, Italy has been part of the “Big Five” and has reached the Top 10 in all but two occasions.

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