WATCH: Sanna Nielsen releases new song Innan du lämnar mig

Sanna Nielsen has released a video for her new song Innan du lämnar mig. Sanna is known for her multiple Melodifestivalen appearances as well as representing Sweden at Eurovision in 2014 with the song ‘Undo’

‘Before you leave me’

The song translates in English to ‘Before you leave me’. In a press release Sanna describes the special meaning of the song:
“To me it’s an incredibly strong story about how to feel in a relationship. A relationship that is the best in the world but the fear of losing it is so great that the lyrics “Though You’re All I Think, I Go Before You Leave Me” become reality. I also see it as a declaration of love and these thoughts and feelings that can arise in a happy relationship I can and certainly many others relate to.”
As well as watching the video you can listen to the song on Apple Music

What do you think of Sanna’s new song? Would you like to see Sanna involved in Melodifestivalen again? Let us know in the comments below or social media @escXtra 

Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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