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Who’s in the running to represent The Netherlands in Eurovision 2018?

Dutch broadcaster AvroTros has spoken about a possible reveal of their act for Lisbon in 2018. The act will supposedly be revealed somewhere this month. That leaves us with the question – Who’s in the running to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2018?
We’ve made a little summary of all acts who may or not have something to do with the Dutch artist for Lisbon. Check it out below!

Maan – the obvious choice

In 2017, The Voice of Holland winners OG3NE represented The Netherlands. To many Dutch people, it would be no surprise to see yet another The Voice winner flying their flag.

Twenty year old Maan de Steenwinkel has been delivering hits since winning The Voice and was one of the acts on De Beste Zangers (the original Så Mycket Bättre) this year, just like OG3NE last year. She would be the most obvious choice.
But, interestingly, Maan denied all rumours recently. No wonder, OG3NE, Douwe Bob and Ilse DeLange did the same in previous years, but Maan even stated, quite clearly, that there had been no contact whatsoever between her and AvroTros. Did they rule her out? Or is she denying it for the sake of keeping a secret?

Romy Monteiro – an AvroTros favourite

Yet another The Voice laureate: Romy Monteiro. Romy never won The Voice, but did build quite the career after participating. She got the lead role in The Bodyguard, a musical remake of the famous Whitney Houston film. She then got to host several shows on AvroTros. She’s a favourite there.
We even know that AvroTros asked Romy Monteiro to consider Eurovision. The answer back then was clear: No. Not because she didn’t want to, but because it was too soon. She indeed has no material of her own, so maybe wait a few years? It’d take AvroTros quite some convincing to get Romy to Lisbon, so it’s fair to say that it’s not likely we’ll hear her name for 2018.

Shirma Rouse, Alain Clark and Caro Emerald – they want to

Two acts denying all rumours, three acts full on throwing their hat in the ring. To start with Alain Clark: He’s been pushing himself forward for multiple years. Clark was one of the two final acts for the 2015 contest. He was so sure he’d be the chosen one, despite the broadcaster going for Trijntje Oosterhuis. Ever since, Alain Clark has said he’s very eager to give Eurovision a go.
Last week, Shirma Rouse openly spoke about her Eurovision dream. She’s experienced it once before, as Anouk’s backing vocal in 2013. 2018 should, for her, be the year of her solo performance there. Like with Alain though: Openly speaking about your desire to go, weeks before the announcement…? It doesn’t seem likely that AvroTros will choose either of these two.
Finally, there’s Caro Emerald. Undoubtedly one of the leading ladies in the past years of Dutch music. She’s made multiple appearances in Europe and scored well with singles and albums. Her career has had a bit of a decline lately, with success being limited. Back in May of this year, Emerald said she’d consider Eurovision if AvroTros were to ever ask her. Maybe they picked up on the message? On a personal note: If AvroTros send out multiple messages year after year, why on earth did they never even consider asking Caro Emerald?

Waylon and Dotan – probably not

Ever since the famous The Common Linnets break up back in 2014, weeks after their Eurovision success, Waylon has been a rumour. As he said he felt he was in Ilse DeLange’s shadow in The Common Linnets, should he not be given a solo chance? We know he’d been approached in 2016, but said no. They’ll probably ask him again… but what will he say? Probably no once more.
Dotan, also a clear rumour year after year, is also very unlikely. He has just four concert dates planned… but all of them in May 2018. Postponing that concert doesn’t seem likely, especially not if you consider the fact that his desire to represent his country seems to be less than for other artists.

Pleun Bierbooms and Vinchenzo – the new rumours

New rumour… well, yes. Pleun Bierbooms is the latest rumour and it’s getting stronger every minute. It seems the Dutch have been struggling to draw the huge names in. After Anouk, Ilse DeLange and Trijntje Oosterhuis, the absolute top of Dutch singers had been used. Douwe Bob and OG3NE were established talents. But where to go next? With rumours circulating that big names like Waylon, Kensington and Dotan indeed said no, AvroTros might need to re-think their plan.
Part of that plan could be to just go for the talent and find a good song for that act. The Voice of Holland has been mentioned more than once, but here we go again.

The latest winner, Pleun Bierbooms, does have that talent and AvroTros may well pick her. Being described as ‘the Dutch Adele’ (something she doesn’t like, by the way), Pleun could be a safe pick to take ‘a year off’ from pushing themselves to victory in The Netherlands. Her latest single gives us a taste of her new direction.
In the same series of The Voice, another young talent took part. Vinchenzo is also a true youngster to Dutch music and he’s mostly admired for his voice. A girl idol since his audition, his single Daily did quite well. He might be an ideal pick for Eurovision, if you ask me…

Sharon den Adel – the curveball

Talk about a real curveball: This has not been mentioned by any of the leading press in The Netherlands, but fans are hoping and that might lead us somewhere. Recently, Within Temptation, Sharon’s band, posted on Facebook that an announcement would be made soon. Fans are speculating what it could be. Guesses range from solo material to a complete split up of the band, but also Eurovision is a guess we see from time to time. The chance of that last one seems tiny, but the country can hope she’d do it?

Where will this lead The Netherlands at Eurovision 2018?

At this point, you have to compliment AvroTros. Usually, there’s a leak here or there that tells us a little of what we can expect weeks in advance. This time, it’s quite silent. No rumour is as persistent as we saw in previous years. AvroTros are keeping this a good secret. Or maybe they’re not entirely sure either…?
Now, we listed about ten acts above who could or could not be in the running to represent The Netherlands. There are about ten others (Kovacs, Jan Smit, Jacqueline Govaert, Kensington, Chef’Special, Sharon Doorson, Eva Simons…) we could easily have picked as well, but then we’d have an even bigger article here.
The Dutch act will be announced soon. Maan is still the favourite to be the chosen one, but there are many others out there. Who would you like to see for The Netherlands? Let us know!

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