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Finland’s Emma will apply for San Marino’s 1in360

Previous UMK participant, Emma, brings an empowering message of never giving up on their dreams by applying for San Marino’s 1in360 selection.
In an emotional vlog, Emma admits she considered quitting music all together but the endless fan support made her reconsider things. Together with the help of a psychiatrist, Emma is dealing with her struggles. For her return to music, San Marino’s platform will make a great start.

Emma’s personal journey

The beautiful songstress has previously opened up about going through depression. Her braveness has touched many people thanks to her honest vlogs. Sharing her UMK journey might have made all of us sad, but Emma is back and is ready and prove herself.
Receiving an emotional fan mail from a German fan, and learning that her story can inspire many, only makes Emma more determined to stage her comeback.

“Prove the hater wrong, and set the stage for San Marino on fire with your fabulous voice.”

Emma’s response to the empowering message was affirmative. She intends to go through the application process alone and strong without a team backing her up.

Emma at UMK

Emma participated at last years Finish National Selection, UMK 2017. Despite being a fan favourite, her entry “Circle of Life” did not manage to come out on top and only finished third. Emma spoke out about her time after UMK in several vlogs. Her fans had been calling for her to apply for San Marino’s selection process 1in360 for quite a while already.
⇒You can read more about her UMK experience here
Would you like to see Emma as San Marino’s representative in Lisbon? What do you think of her “Circle of Light”?
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Comments on Finland’s Emma will apply for San Marino’s 1in360

  • Emma for San Marino 2018?

    Is this for Real!? OMG!! I LOVED Emma’s song at UMK 2017!! Now im REAALLY EXCITED for San Marino’s national final!! Emma for San Marino 2018!!

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