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Dutch media swirl over Sharon den Adel for Eurovision 2018

It’s only been a day since we kept you posted of all rumours circulating for The Netherlands and their Eurovision 2018 act. Just a day later, Dutch media seem to have picked up on one name in particular: Sharon den Adel. Is she indeed the chosen one for Lisbon?

‘Sharon den Adel a serious contender’

Newspaper AD published an article today where they claim Sharon den Adel is a serious contender for Lisbon. The Within Temptation singer has been mentioned before as an ideal candidate for Eurovision, but always turned the offer down. The reason? She and the band were afraid that their metal fans would not like their Eurovision adventure.
However, as AD says, Sharon has done some solo stuff lately, including working with a DJ (Armin van Buuren), covering several songs and participating in shows. Her fans never reacted negatively, so that may have changed her opinion on the entire Eurovision Song Contest.

Sources and an announcement

This rumour doesn’t come from nowhere. AD reveals that inside sources from the Dutch music scene are pretty confident that Sharon has at least been in talks with broadcaster Avrotros. As we said before, that wouldn’t be the first time.
Moreover, Within Temptation and Sharon den Adel are stirring up the rumours themselves as well. On Facebook, Den Adel keeps posting what seem to be new lyrics. Potentially to some of her new (solo) material. She adds the hashtag #notwhatyouthink to those posts. With many fans thinking Within Temptation will split up, one could guess that Eurovision is indeed not what many fans expect. Are AD onto something?
Within Temptation themselves posted a picture on Facebook, where they say Den Adel will make an announcement soon. The band’s PR manager said we can expect news to on Friday, 10 November. That would also fit perfectly with Avrotros stating their act would be revealed ‘mid-November’.

Plot thickening or merely a dream?

Is the plot around Sharon den Adel’s potential Eurovision participation really thickening? Are AD onto something with the sources, the announcement and the posts? Or is it more likely that this is all one big coincidence? It’s hard to tell at this point, but we should know more by Friday!
What do you think? Would Sharon den Adel be a good choice for The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or below!

Comments on Dutch media swirl over Sharon den Adel for Eurovision 2018

  • Deenj

    But her metal fans somehow ate her collab with mainstream producer (Armin)? Very weird explanation.

  • Nick van Lith

    That is indeed what the newspaper said: The band/Sharon were afraid that the other collaborations and material would not be accepted by their core fans.

  • James

    Yes please!!!!!!! I๏ธ would love to see her kick ass in Eurovision

  • giuseppe

    sarebbe fantastico vedere sharon e tutto il gruppo al Eurovision 2018 sono farevolissimo

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