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Tamar Kaprelian is aiming to represent Armenia again!

Tamar Kaprelian is aiming to represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018! She revealed the news on Twitter and if you would like to support Tamar Kaprelian’s bid, you can support her here!

Tamar Kaprelian: Genealogy, Eurovision 2015 and ‘The Otherside’

As most Eurovision fans will remember, Tamar Kaprelian represented Armenia in Vienna as part of the group Genealogy. The concept behind Genealogy was to include singers from across the globe, who are part of the Armenian diaspora. Tamar was born in Arizona, USA, and therefore represented the Americas in the Genealogy project. Armenia eventually finished sixteenth place in the final with their song Face The Shadow.
Following Eurovision 2015, Tamar teamed up with several other participants for ‘The Otherside’. The song featured Elina Born (Estonia), Elhaida Dani (Albania), Maria-Elena Kyriakou (Greece) and Stephanie Topalian (Armenia), respectively.
After Eurovision, Tamar also released an EP, called Yours To Keep. The EP was mostly dedicated to Billy Joel songs. The title of the EP was also the title of the lead single, for which Tamar also released a video clip in 2015.

Depi Evratesil 2018

Armenia will use Depi Evratesil once again to select their participant. The selection will take place in February and anyone wishing to represent Armenia in Lisbon, has until 15th December to apply. In 2017, Artsvik represented Armenia with Fly With Me where she treated Europe (and Australia) at atmospheric and memorable performance. Coming into the final as an outsider for victory, Artsvik eventually finished in eighteenth place.
Would you like to see Tamar fly the Armenian flag next year? Or would you prefer someone else to represent Armenia?  Let us know below in a comment or on social media, such as Facebook!
Stay tuned to for all the latest news regarding the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest! 

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