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Latvia’s People’s Jury gives 73% dislikes to the Supernova 2018 entries

The producers of Latvia’s Eurovision national selection previously launched an online “People’s Jury”. Anybody could go to the website and vote “Like” or “Dislike” on each of the 63 songs. It has been revealed that 73% of all the votes given were dislikes; definitely not an impressive start for Supernova 2018!
Supernova 2018’s producers revealed that they received a total of 152,083 votes, that’s 2,414 votes per song! However, 110,316 of those votes were dislikes, or “Nepatik”. Only 41,946, the remaining 27%, were likes, or “Patik”.

“We have a clear winner”

This is obviously not what the producers wanted to see. Luckily, one song in particular is way ahead in likes compared to the other songs, and the professional jury agrees that it is the best song of the bunch. The producers haven’t revealed which song this is, but the song which we think stands out from the others, and our personal favourite, is Jenny May’s Soledad!
However, on YouTube, there are two different songs which are flying ahead in views. These are Madara Fogelmane’s ballad, Esamฤซba
…and Kristiฤna’s Flashbacks, which gives us flashbacks to Aminata and Justs!
The next step in the selection is an audition, which is open to the public, in the Alfa shopping mall on 5 November. One of the producers, Ilze Jansone commented:

It is important for us to give different tasks to the participants at the beginning of the competition to test them in different, not so comfortable situations, so the first auditions will take place in the Alfa shopping mall.

Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Latvia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000. Since then, they have won the contest once, in 2002 with Marie N’s I Wanna. Latvia went through a period of particularly bad results from 2009 to 2014, in which they failed to qualify every year, and came last in 3 out of 6 participations.
Last year, Triana represented Latvia in Kyiv, Ukraine, with the song Line. They failed to qualify for the final, coming last in the semifinal with only 21 points. You can see their performance, and judge for yourself if they deserved last place, below!

Which is your favourite of the 63 Latvian songs? Do you think Latvia will be back in the final next year in Lisbon?
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  • Manu

    Soledad is the cheapest and worst song of all….amazing how awful taste can some one have xD

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