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Waylon to fly the Dutch flag at Eurovision 2018?

We know, the rumours are never ending, but it’s fair to say that rumour time is over now. After rumours about Sharon den Adel, Maan and others, Dutch broadcaster Avrotros have just published a video to secretly reveal their act for Lisbon. And it seems to be an awfully familiar face…: Waylon.

Waylon: From Copenhagen to Lisbon?

In the video, we see the Dutch act walking through a house after a party. Several hints are dropped as to who it might be. We see a person with tattoos on the arms. On the toilet, the singer takes a magazine about bearded men. Then we see a The Voice of Holland logo, a text message about going to Nashville and finally, the famous hat a singer wore during a previous Eurovision adventure…
By now, it should be no surprise: The man in the video must have been Waylon. Waylon is famous for representing The Netherlands back in 2014 as half of The Common Linnets, before leaving the group shortly after the Eurovision adventure. During the Copenhagen show, the Dutch band landed their Calm After The Storm on second place, only to be beaten by Austria’s Conchita Wurst.
Waylon then left the group because he felt appreciation from the other members was missing. Repeatedly, he stated that he’d be up for another Eurovision adventure. In 2017, Waylon eventually turned down the Avrotros offer. They then decided OG3NE were the right choice for Kyiv.
The video seems to confirm Waylon as the 2018 Dutch entrant, without actually mentioning his name. That name can’t be far away though, after Dutch commentator Cornald Maas tweeted the following:

With Maas also being part of the selection committee, it seems to be a matter of hours before we can officially put Waylon down as the Dutch entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Stay tuned at as we continue to follow the Dutch news today! Check out the revealing video below!

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