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WATCH: Saara Aalto releases her inspirational documentary in English and Finnish!

The incredible story of Saara Aalto just keeps going! Fresh from the news that YLE has internally selected Saara to represent Finland in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Saara and YLE have now unveiled the documentary showcasing Saara’s inspirational story. The documentary has been released in both English and Finnish and you can watch the thirty-minute film below!

Inspirational and heartwarming

Saara began filming the documentary with YLE following her exceptional journey on The X Factor UK in which she finished in second place behind Matt Terry. The documentary combines home videos of Saara’s childhood with behind-the-scenes videos filmed especially for the documentary at Saara’s Oulu homecoming concert last winter as well as at The X Factor UK live tour in Brighton and at the In My Wildest Dreams headline concert in Helsinki earlier this year.
The documentary perfectly captures Saara’s neverending love for music as well as her ambition to continue to better herself. The relationship between Saara and her fiancee and manager Meri Sopanen also takes centre stage in the documentary. The support the pair have for each other is a clear highlight.

“I’ll never go through the selection process again”

The documentary closes by referencing the recent news that Saara would finally achieve her long-term dream of representing her nation at the Eurovision Song Contest next year in Lisbon.

“When I came second in the Eurovision Song Contest selection show in 2016, before I went to The X Factor, I told Meri I really want to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest but I’ll never go through the selection process again. I’ll only go if they ask me directly. I don’t care if I’m fifty or sixty by then. I’ll wait! As it happens, YLE has chosen me to represent Finland at Eurovision next year. Of course, I’m incredibly happy my dream came true so fast!”

“Naturally, I’m very honoured to be entrusted with this. I’ve tried to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest twice and I’ve wanted this for so long. I feel really grateful that I don’t have to go to any more contests where they decide if I’m good enough for Eurovision. I am good enough! I’ve been given this opportunity because everyone knows I want it so much.”

Watch the documentary for yourself!

Make sure you watch Saara’s documentary by following the links in Saara’s tweet below!

Have you watched Saara’s documentary yet? Furthermore, are you pleased to see her finally achieving her dream of going to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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