An Xtra Happy Birthday; November 10th

Just like yesterday, we have three Eurostars to celebrate today! The oldest of them had already taken part in Eurovision by the time the youngest was born, and their results at the contest vary from top 10 to dead last! Two of them performed in their own language, while the third, Ruth Lorenzo, performed in a mix of Spanish and English. And one is perhaps remembered for his outfit and dance moves… 

Hugo Sigal, 70

Hugo represented Belgium at the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg. He did so as one half of the duo Nicole and Hugo; the other half being his wife, Nicole. They performed the song “Baby Baby”, finishing dead last, apparently not making much of an impression on the juries. Their performance, however, is epic! No one who has ever seen it will be able to forget it. Their purple, flared jumpsuits is what all Eurovision outfits are meassured against (hihihi; not!) and their dance routine… Epic, just EPIC!
Nicole and Hugo were supposed to go to Eurovision already in 1971, as they won the Belgian preselection with “Goeiemorgen, morgen“. However, Nicole fell ill not long before their departure to Dublin, and Jacques Raymond and Lily Castel replaced them. They tried to return to Eurovision in 2004, almost thirty years after their participation, with “Love is All Around” (no, not that one!). Despite not making it to the final, they did treat us to a bit of their signature dance moves!

Vicky Rosti, 59

Vicky represented Finland at the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest in Brussels. There she finished 15th out of 22 participating countries with her song “Sata salamaa”. Despite not doing very well at Eurovision, “Sata salamaa” has turned into something of a classic among fans. No Eurovision karaoke without this golden nugget of a song!

Ruth Lorenzo, 35

Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Spain is of the Big Five countries, consequently Ruth didn’t have to qualify through the semi-final stage. In the grand final she finished in 10th place with “Dancing in the Rain”, thus giving Spain one of their best results of the past decade.

All of us here at escXtra widh today’s birthday Eurostars all the best on their big day! 

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