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San Marino: 600 submissions from all over the world but San Marino

As of November 9th, 600 artists have applied for a chance to represent San Marino at Eurovision. They come from China, Cameroon, Iran, the United States, almost every European country… But none come from San Marino, revealed head of delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni.
“…not far from our projection, given the quality of the proposal” revealed Capicchioni. He pointed out that so far, none of the submissions come from San Marino itself. But there’s still a chance as submissions will be open until November 30th. “I can’t wait to hear what our artists have to say” expressed the Sammarinese Head of Delegation.

Talent Show

Once the preliminary phase of submissions is over. Ten artists will be shortlisted to participate in a talent show broadcast by San Marino RTV. It will take place at some point between January and February, 2018. Nine artists will be selected by a jury, and one by OGAE members.

Fans’ wildcard spot

San Marino is asking OGAE members to select one wildcard entry. Each participating fan club will shortlist their ten favourite artists (which the organizers are calling “official fan club shortlist”). This list will be revealed on November 24th, and the winner will be announced on December 3rd.

San Marino at Eurovision

The European microstate debuted in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. They withdrew the following year, but returned in 2011 and have participated ever since. They’ve only reached the final once in 2014 with Valentina Monetta’s “Maybe”. The song finished in 24th place with 14 points.
It is not uncommon for foreign singers to represent San Marino. In fact, Monetta, Anita Simoncini, and two of the members of the group Miodio are the only Sammarinese singers to have compete at Eurovision.

Want to sing for San Marino?

The only requirement to participate for a spot in San Marino’s national final is to upload a song. Artists have until November 30th to make their submissions here.
You can listen to the candidates, so far, here.

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