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These are the 22 candidates for Albanian national final

As the 56th edition of Festivali i Këngës is getting closer, Albanian national TV RTSH announced today the 22 singers that will perform in the national selection.
The two semi finals will take place on the 21st and 22nd of December, while the grand final will take place on the 23rd of December.

These are the 22  Festivali i Këngës candidates and song titles

1. Inet Neziri – “Piedastal”
2. Lynx – “Vonë”
3. Rezarta Smaja & Luiz Ejlli – “Ra Nje Yll”
4. Orgesa Zaimi – “Ngrije Zërin”
. Artemisa Mithi – “E dua Botën”
6. Tahir Gjoci – “Orë e Ndaluar”
7. Bojken Lako – “Sytë e Shpirtit”
8. Manjola Nallbani – “Të Pandarë”
9. David & Genc Tuqici – “Tjetër Jëtë”
10. Grupi Na & Festina Mejzini – “I Njejti Ciell”
11. Mariza Ikonomi – “Unë”
12. Redon Makashi – “Eksistoj”
13. Eugent Bushpepa – “Mall”
14. Lorela Sejdini – “Pritën Edhe Pak”
15. Elton Deda – “Fjalët”
16. Ergi Bregu – “Bum Bum”
17. Denisa Gjezo – “Zemër Ku Je”
18. Endri & Stefi Prifti – “Mesazh”
19. Xhesika Polo – “Përjetë”
20. Evans Rama – “Gjurmët”
21. Akullthyesit – “Divorci”
22. Voltan Pordani – “Pse të Desha”

Albania & Eurovision

Albania has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 14 times since its debut in 2004. The Albanian broadcaster, Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (RTSH), has been the organiser of the Albanian Eurovision entry since the country’s debut in the contest and has used the long-standing Albanian song contest, Festivali i Këngës, to select the Albanian Eurovision entry.

In 2004, Albania’s first entry at Eurovision, Anjeza Shahini, finished seventh in the final. This remained the country’s best result in the contest until 2012, when Rona Nishliu placed fifth.

Below you can watch Albania’s entry “World” from 2017 by Lindita Halimi which failed to qualify to the final and ended up in 14th place in the semifinal.


What do you think of Festivali i Këngës line-up? Do you have an Albanian artist you would like to see at Festivali i Këngës? What’s your favorite Albanian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest so far?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and on all social media platforms at @ESCXTRA.


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