Former NSF entrant Rachel Kramer releases ‘Dreaming’

Back in 2005, she tried to represent The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. After numerous adventures in talent show, Rachel Kramer is now back in business. After a few years of no new material, her latest single is called Dreaming.

Rachel Kramer & Waylon

Her 2005 Nationaal Songfestival adventure wasn’t a solo one. She participated with Leven Als Een Beest, together with Willem Bijkerk. Willem then performed under his stage name: Waylon. And yes, that is the same Waylon we’ll be seeing in Lisbon.
Leven Als Een Beest wasn’t much of a success. It didn’t qualify for the final, which was won by Glennis Grace. After NSF 2005, Rachel also appeared on X-Factor 2008 and The Voice of Holland 2016. Her X-Factor adventure was rather successful, as she finished second.

A dreamy return

In a statement, Rachel says the stage has been a dream world for her. A world which she could escape to in tough times. Due to the struggles she’s had in the music industry, she lost a bit of that magic. Her new single is meant to be a return to that magic place music once was.
“Through this new step, my new music, I can feel the magic again”, says Rachel. What do you think? Is Rachel Kramer’s return to music a successful one? Will this be her great breakthrough? Make sure to check the video and let us know!

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