An Xtra Happy Birthday; November 20th

Yesterday on 19th of November an Israels Eurovision Star had a birthday. Today  however, there is a birthday boy from Denmark. He was a part a beautiful duet that almost gave Denmark it’s second winning in a row.  Søren Poppe has a birthday today.

Søren Poppe, 46

Denmark selected Søren and Signe Svendsen to perform at the Eurovision song contest in 2001. The contest was in Copenhagen, because the Olsen brother’s won it the previous year. The pair came close to repeating the win, that is they ended up in second place at the contest. Poppe did try again at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with Lene Mattiesen Nørrelykke with the song “En som dig” and ended in 3rd place.

We would like to wish Poppe a great happy birthday!

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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