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JESC 2017 Day 1 Rehearsals

It’s Day One!
Finally rehearsals are underway for this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest! Only releasing the order last night, today we have seen a total of 8 countries have their first run through!
These countries were:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Belarus
  • Cyprus
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Georgia
  • Ireland

First off, my Favourite rehearsal of the day? (cue Obvious Australian Bias)
Isabella’s performance is fun, upbeat and exceptionally well executed. I can’t stress enough how sleek the Australian performance is. Using dancers and Isabella’s overwhelming talent, Australia has really bought it to this contest. I especially enjoy how they have retained some moments from the song’s film clip and incorporated them into the staging – a very nice touch.
Guess what? We have seen our first tree! Albania’s Ana has delivered on her song’s title! So ‘Do not touch her tree!’ but you’ll all be very happy to see it – I know what you guys like.
Honorable mention goes to Mina from Macedonia, who’s camera effects, outfit and stage performance are on point. Talk about talent! Talk about modern pop music! It is everything we are coming to expect from Macedonia in the Junior competition.  I know I will be ‘Dancing Through Life’ and everyone in the arena and watching at home will be too!

“These color lines symbolize sound streams that flows. It’s also these colors we think you can let your fans vote about”

Another big of exciting new is the new (and ongoing) Junior Eurovision Trophy has been revealed! Designed by Kjell Engman of the famous Swedish Glass company Kosta Boda, the microphone trophy is “…is supposed to be in clear glass with color lines inside the upper part of the microphone. These color lines symbolize sound streams that flows. It’s also these colors we think you can let your fans vote about,” It is a beautiful piece of glass and everyone wants to take one home! Me included! I hope they have a trophy for 2nd and 3rd place too as there has been in recent years. Check out the trophy below!

A fantastic first day and what a way to kick the week off! Check us out tomorrow where we will be continuing with more JESC fun!
Additionally, did you see our Opening Ceremony Footage? Check it out below!

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