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Junior Eurovision Day 3 round-up: Second round of rehearsals begin!

Today was the third day of rehearsals ahead of Sunday’s 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It was the first round of second rehearsals with seven countries getting their last chance to rehearse ahead of Saturday’s dress rehearsals. In order of appearance, we witnessed rehearsals from Ireland, Georgia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Belarus, Australia and Armenia. Albania was due to rehearse but as a result of technical difficulties will complete their rehearsal tomorrow alongside the remaining eight countries.

A special present for a special day

The day began with a treat from 1TV to celebrate St. George’s Day. All of the press members were given a bottle of wine to take away with them! You all know how much I love wine! So obviously it was the best way to start the day! (and yes it is still unopened – I didn’t have it for breakfast!)

Goosebumps from Australia!

Of course, we have to start today’s round-up once again with Isabella Clarke from Australia. Her rehearsal of “Speak Up” gave me goosebumps and I promise it’s not just because I’m Australian! The performance has been tightened up even further and it is now a fantastically professional, anthemic and uplifting package. It’s not just perfect for television but it also fills the arena just as well. I couldn’t be prouder. Keep a look out on our Facebook and Youtube for our interview too!

Multi-talented Muireann

The next rehearsal to shine bright for me today was Ireland’s Muireann McDonnell. As co-writer of her own entry “Suile Glasa”, her artistry radiates through her performance as a result of the use of her guitar. It will surely impress juries that Muireann is so instrumental in her song and performance.

Cool camera angles

All of today’s rehearsals were very strong and you can tell that the delegations have been working hard behind the scenes. My last shout out of the day is for Mina Blazev of Macedonia. “Dancing Through Life” may be one of the more mature entries, but it easily deserves to achieve a good result for the Balkan nation. The Macedonian delegation has experimented with some very cool camera effects which certainly had the desired effect on the television feed we watched today. Great work!
Tomorrow we look forward to the remaining nine countries (including Albania) to complete their second rehearsals tomorrow. Stay tuned to ESCXTRA for all the round-ups you need as well as lots more interviews, TimTam Slams and Mariokart races – check out our Facebook and YouTube pages! Here’s a selection of our most recent uploads:


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