XTRA Throwback Thursday: Junior Eurovision

It’s Thursday, which means it’s finally time for another XTRA Throwback Thursday! This autumn and winter we’re enjoying taking you on a journey through Europe and beyond, a journey through the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Since hopefully all of you know that Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is around the corner (OMG…it’s this Sunday!!!), we are happy to remind you about one great JESC entry, as well as to encourage you to follow our JESC 2017 news and watch the show on Sunday!

This week’s theme: Junior Eurovision


I’m not really sure that this is my favorite JESC Song. So why on earth would I pick it?

First of all, it’s the first time Belarus won the contest. I remember how extremelly happy was the whole country about this victory of a small girl with a very strong voice. I guess everyone knew that the song is great, but nobody knew Belarus could actually win back in 2005. It was a great motivation for the whole country.

Secondly, this song makes me smile like an idiot all 3 minutes of it. I don’t really know what’s so special about it. I think it’s just the way Ksenia sings it. She smiles so bright, she is jumping all the time, and her skirt and hairstyle are the cutest things I’ve ever seen on JESC stage. The song is about friendship, the music is very simple, but very cheerful and funny. The voice of Ksenia is really charming and very strong. This is how I imagine JESC, it’ s songs and participants.

Thirdly, I just love when JESC participants look like children, act on stage like children and sing songs about “smile, happiness, mom and dad, friendship, etc.” I just don’t understand and don’t like when a song is performed by “over-makedup” girls on high heels or big guys with brutal male voices. This kind of “big girls and guys” can just wait a couple of years and perform at ESC. I strongly believe that Junior Eurovision is about real children that are not trying to look like or act like grownups on stage singing songs about “bitter taste of love and how painful is to be betrayed”… I’m definitely exaggerating the matter, but hope you understand what I mean.


What others had to say…


This is actually the first time I am seeing this, having being a casual Junior Eurovision viewer. I have to say it has a very interesting melody and an incredibly instant chorus which is easy enough to sing along to, by the time it comes around after the second verse. Ksenia has great charisma and is definitely not shy of the camera, which adds to the overall energy factor of the song.


Since I am quite new to the Junior Eurovision, I have never heard this song before or knew the results. Despide that I got the feeling that it must have done really well at the show. Because the song is well performed and quite catchy.


Belarus’s 2005 JESC entry is such a classic for many reasons. Ksenia proved herself as an extremely competent performer with a catchy song that would remain long in the memory of Junior Eurovision fans. Whilst I enjoyed this entry, for me the winning entry in 2005 should have been Nicolai from Denmark! Sorry Yassia, it’s just slightly more my style than Belarus!

Next week

On our next Throwback Thursday we’ll be moving on to to the topic MelloMania! Guess what will it be about?:) Angelos will be guiding us through it!

But for now, let’s remember Ksenia’s ‘My Vmeste’. What is your favorite JESC entry? Let us know below!

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