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San Marino: Eurovision Fan Club Shortlist Revealed

Each participating OGAE club shortlisted their favourite ten candidates from San Marino’s 1in360 national selection process. Now, they have until December 1st to select a winner. 

750 submissions, only 2 from San Marino

In a recent interview with Eurofestival News, head of the Sammarinese delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni, revealed that 750 submissions from over seventy countries all around the globe had been received so far. However, he expressed disappointment on the fact that only two are from San Marino: the band Alibi and singer/songwriter, Gianluca Colucci.

Fan club shortlist

You can listen to all the shortlisted artists here

  • Ana Maria Garaul Perez (Spain)
  • Angelika Pushnova (Belarus)
  • Aurora Lecis (Italy)
  • Ben Robertson (United Kingdom)
  • Benjamin Coveliers (Belgium)
  • Bjorn Rosier (Belgium)
  • Carlos Morrel (Argentina)
  • Chris Beer (Austria)
  • Cole van Dais (South Africa)
  • Dan Muscat (Malta)
  • Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Malta)
  • Dario Misfud Bonnicci (Malta)
  • Darragh Reck (Ireland)
  • Davide Greco (Italy)
  • Dianaerika Letieri (Italy)
  • Dionisis Kostis (Greece)
  • Domenico Caringella (Italy)
  • Dominic Cini (Malta)
  • Elisa Castels (Italy)
  • Elvira Michieva (Germany)
  • Em Appelgren (Sweden)
  • Emily Herbert (United Kingdom)
  • Emma Sandstrom (Finland)
  • Ending Sequence (Spain)
  • Franklin Calleja (Malta)
  • Gail Attard (Malta)
  • Gloria Zaccharia (Italy)
  • Hillary Smile (Italy)
  • Isabelle Lam (Germany)
  • Italove (Sweden)
  • Jan Vehar (Slovenia)
  • Jenifer Besky (Germany)
  • Joena Steyaert (Belgium)
  • Jonas Hedqvist (Sweden)
  • Judah Gavra (Israel)
  • Julia Traser (Italy)
  • Justinas Stalinovaistis (Lithuania)
  • Karl William Lund (United Kingdom)
  • Kristen Collins (Canada)
  • Luke Smith (United Kingdom)
  • Lyosha Dunstov (Ukraine)
  • Mada Ngoleka (Ireland)
  • Mahan Moin (Sweden)
  • Malcolm Pissani (Malta)
  • Maria Cassar (Malta)
  • Melissa Perilli (Germany)
  • Michele Imberti (Italy)
  • Miss Bliss (Austria)
  • Monica Ikvic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Olivier Kaye (Belgium)
  • Ozzy Lino (Malta)
  • Pasqualino Alberto Leone (Italy)
  • Pierpaolo Tieri (Italy)
  • Rick Jurthe (Germany)
  • Romeo Lewis (United Kingdom)
  • Sada Vidoo (Denmark)
  • Safael Mishi (Azerbaijan)
  • Sara de Blue (Austria)
  • Sebastian Schmidt (Germany)
  • Silvia Vicinelli (Italy)
  • Sona Dunoyan (Armenia)
  • Stavros Pilichos (Greece)
  • Steven Sterling (South Africa)
  • Syuzanna Melkonyan (Armenia)
  • Tiago Braga (Portugal)
  • Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe)
  • Vell Baria (Philippines)
  • Victoria Pederssen (Norway)
  • Yana Glushkac-Sirena (Russia)
  • Ylva & Linda Persson (Sweden)

Familiar faces

In this shortlist, there are artists who have previously competed in national selections: Karl William Lund from UK’s Eurovision: You Decide 2016; Mahan Moin Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2014 and Emma Sandstrom from Finland’s UMK 2017.
The winner of this shortlist will be revealed on December 3rd.

Comments on San Marino: Eurovision Fan Club Shortlist Revealed

  • Pavel

    Also Angelika Pushnova (Belarus) – Finalist of NF of the selection for ESC2017 in Belarus

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