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Russia wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

Moments ago, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 ended, with the winner reprising their song. That winner is Russia’s Polina Bogusevich with Wings!
This was the first time that Georgia had hosted a Eurovision event. 16 countries participated in the contest, including Portugal who returned after last participating in 2007. After a magnificent 2 hour show, the winner was revealed to be Russia!

Full Results

  1. Russia – Polina Bogusevich – Wings – 188 points
  2. Georgia – Grigol Kipshidze – Voice of The Heart – 185 points
  3. Australia – Isabella Clarke – Speak Up – 172 points
  4. Netherlands – Fource – Love Me – 156 points
  5. Belarus – Helena Meraai – I Am The One – 149 points
  6. Armenia – Misha – Boomerang – 148 points
  7. Ukraine – Anastasiya Baginska – Don’t Stop – 147 points
  8. Poland – Alicja Rega – Mój Dom – 138 points
  9. Malta – Gianluca Cilia – Dawra Tond – 107 points
  10. Serbia – Irina Brodić & Jana Paunović – Ceo svet je naš – 92 points
  11. Italy – Maria Iside Fiore – Scelgo (My Choice) – 86 points
  12. Macedonia – Mina Blažev – Dancing Through Life – 69 points
  13. Albania – Ana Kodra – Don’t Touch My Tree – 67 points
  14. Portugal – Mariana Venâncio – Youtuber – 54 points
  15. Ireland – Muireann McDonnell – Súile Glasa – 54 points
  16. Cyprus – Nicole Nicolaou – I Wanna Be A Star – 45 points

The results show that Cyprus and Ireland did much worse than expected, coming as the bottom two. Malta also didn’t do as well as hoped, reaching only 9th place with 107 points.

Juries vs Online Voting

The juries had Georgia in first place, but the online voting placed them in the bottom 6, pulling them down to second place. Russia had come second with the juries, but came 6th in the online voting. Not a great result, but enough to keep them in the lead!
The winner of the online voting was the Netherlands. The juries had placed them 9th, so this gave us a very exciting finish, in which it wasn’t clear if Russia or the Netherlands were going to take home the trophy! Malta also did much better in the online voting, coming 2nd place, than with the juries, where they came 13th.

Russia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

After today’s win, Russia have now won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest twice, their other win being in 2006. Their first win was with the Tolmachevy Sisters andVesenniy Jazz. Now, we can add Polina’s Wings to this list!
Relive Polina’s winning performance below:

Which was your favourite performance from today? Did Russia deserve the win?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or on social media @ESCXTRA

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