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Bulgaria: the selection process in full swing

After Kristian Kostov’s success in Kyiv, Bulgaria’s broadcaster BNT is in the full swing in their selection process. After opening their selection some weeks ago, we have managed to get some exclusive info from a source within BNT about how their selection is going. 

The beautiful mess of production teams

According to the BNT’s source, there are several production teams involved in the selection, some with good Eurovision history. Also a label from Sweden is interested in taking part. Moreover, there are many different artists in the running, all new faces, because according to the source, no comebacks to the contest are to be expected. The songs are in several different genres, from commercial radio pop to more sophisticated entries.

Aiming high

BNT have high hopes for their 2018 entrant, their aim is again to reach top 10 and provide an entry which is a big commercial and public success. Their ultimate goal, however, is of course a victory. However, they’re also aware that the victory is often a lottery and that, apart from a great song, also a right timing is required. “A winner in one year may get a mediocre result in another. Or vice versa.” As mentioned, they’re aiming for the younger audience and younger artists, because according to BNT, they have no prejudice towards the contest, based on the scandals that were happening in Bulgaria back in the 2000s and with younger artists, they get a chance to start anew.

Market research in January

After all the production teams hand in their proposals (the deadline of which is 20th December), the market research will start in January, where BNT will evaluate which proposals fit better. Right now, they’re aiming for commercial uptempo songs, but after the market research, that can change.

Rebirth of a nation

Bulgaria’s renaissance started with Krisia, Hassan & Ibrahim’s second place in Junior Eurovision in 2014 and the hosting the following year. The success then continued with Poli Genova’s fourth place and was eclipsed in May, when Kristian Kostov finished second, scoring a big hit and a whole new audience.
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