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Alexander Rybak rumoured to be taking part in MGP 2018

In 2009, he won a record-breaking victory and made a whole Europe fall in love with a fairytale. Now, according to the Norwegian tabloid VG, it seems Alexander Rybak is getting ready for a comeback in Norway’s MGP. 

“Never again” – or?

In 2010, a year after his victory in Moscow, Rybak claimed to VG never to take part in MGP/Eurovision as the artist again, claiming it would be stupid to repeat himself. However, he took part as a songwriter in MGP in 2013 with “I’m With You” performed by Annsofi and 2 years later in Belarus, penning “Accent” by the girl group MILKI. However, after Salvador Sobral’s victory in Kyiv, he has changed his mind, saying how Belorussian production company had offered him millions to take part for Belarus, but that “he would rather do it for Norway for free, if he comes in” and he also posted a picture with Johnny Logan on Instagram in summer, with a caption “Makes me wanna go for Eurovision all over again!” Now, it seems the Rybak-fans will be able to see their idol in MGP, 9 years after his victory.

Also Alexander Wahlmann and Stella Mwangi rumoured

According to VG, also 2017 representative Alexander Wahlmann (who collaborated with JOWST) and 2011 entrant Stella Mwangi are rumoured to be taking part in March. Other names are Vidar «Villa» Mohaugen, Ida Maria and Alexandra Rotan. According to Stig Karlsen, music responsible at NRK, all the artists and songs have been chosen and that he can’t comment on any artist rumours right now. The artists and songs will be revealed on 15 January.
JOWST and Alexander Wahlmann finished in top 10 in Kyiv and had a hit with their entry “Grab The Moment”.
Do you hope for Alexander Rybak to come back to MGP? What is your favourite song of his? Who else do you think will take part in MGP? Discuss below or follow us on @ESCXTRA. 

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