Flashback Friday; A decadent dinner party

Being Norwegian, I have celebrated three Eurovision victories for my country, without really wanting to. Not that I didn’t enjoy the fact that we won, cuz I did. It’s just that Norway wasn’t my favorite in any of their winning years. Actually, to be more precise, even though Norway figured in my top 10 from time to time, it was never my favorite. That changed in 2015, however, with “A Monster Like Me”. 

A Monster Like Me

I had all but given up hope that I would live to see Norway on top of my own list. But then “A Monster Like Me” happened. I loved “A Monster Like Me” from the first time I heard it, and I still do. Pre-contest they hoped for a top 10 result, and they got it!
There is something in the haunting melody that just grabs hold of me and refuses to let go. The way they use the strings and the piano to emphasize the voices and the narrative is completely breathtaking. And Mørland’s voice, from the first “Honey” is just magical. Kjetil and the instruments are sooooo good together that you think it can’t get any better. But then Debrah Scarlett joins in, with her own “Honey”, and you realize that this is perfection.
Oh, and don’t get me started on the visual beauty of the performance!

Tears, smiles and tissues

As the song builds, so does my love for it. During the contest, there was one point in the performance where I would start crying…every time! At the same time wearing a smile that went almost all the way around! From their first technical rehearsal to their wonderful perfomance in the final. It turned into kind of a joke in Vienna. Every time it was Norway’s turn on stage someone would get up and say “Better get Wiv some tissues”, which was always a good idea.

The video

Aaahhh; the video! It’s gorgeous. And strange. It’s creepy. And hilarious. It tells a story. And it makes no sense whatsoever. The video for “A Monster Like Me” is confusin and clarifying at the same time. And even though I understand it, there is no way I can explain it. Make sense? No, I thought not.

What the others had to say…

I remember seeing the initial odds for Melodi Grand Prix 2015 before I got chance to listen to the tracks, and upon first listen I didn’t quite click onto why A Monster Like Me was the clear favourite it was. However, a few listens in I was completely sold and was rooting for it to be selected… and thankfully it was! It’s in a close fight with I Feed You My Love in terms of being my favourite Norwegian entry of the decade. It’s an impressive achievement considering I’ve enjoyed every single Norwegian entry this decade at least to some extent, and this makes them one of the strongest countries for me in recent years. In regards to the track itself, Mørland succeeds in creating the haunting atmosphere with the opening of the track. Then Debrah’s stunning tone seals the deal in this delicious duet. A masterpiece that deserved all the success it received!

I agree with Wivian, the song is just magical and haunting at the same time. This duet is just wonderful and their voices match perfectly together. If I were to pick a favorite Norwegian Eurovision song of all time, I would most likely pick this one.


There are those Eurovision songs when you hear it and are hooked straight away. This was one of them. I remember seeing the video and knowing this had to win the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. It had drama, class and the mystery around the song left you guessing. To my delight they performed at the London Eurovision Party and I was able to see this live in person. One of my all time favourites from Norway and at Eurovision.

Next week

Next week it’s Miki’s turn. He will bring us a Macedonian masterpiece like no other! Don’t forget to come back to see which of Macedonia’s 17 entries he’s picked! 

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